Hello and welcome to the Basel R site. If you are interested in knowing how much stock to buy for your business, what the results of your scientific experiment mean, or which player should be substituted on your sports team, then you can find the answer using R! Download a copy for free from www.r-project.org. BaselR is proudly organised and sponsored by Mango Solutions

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Details of our next meeting will be announced in due course


To be confirmed – if you would like to offer a presentation for this meeting please let us know via baselr@mango-solutions.com

In the meantime, if you'd like to offer a presentation for this meeting please let us know.
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Recent Presentations

Speaker Title Date
Chris Campbell
Mango Solutions
Text Mining: Let the machines do the work 2017-11-27
Adrian Waddell
rtables 2017-11-27
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BaselR is proudly organised and sponsored by Mango Solutions
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Mango also run EARL, our annual R conference, with 3 days of talks, workshops and networking for R users.

Be a speaker

Volunteering to speak at a BaselR event is a great way to share your ideas and experiences with other group members and also looks good on a CV. The events are friendly and welcoming and we'd be happy to discuss any ideas you have for presentations, or provide guidance and help putting your talk together. We know public speaking can be daunting and isn't everyone's cup of tea, so if there's anything we can do to help boost your confidence and help you deliver the best talk you can, do please let us know. Alternatively, if you have a brilliant idea for a talk you'd like to see from someone else, give us a shout and we'll try our best to arrange it!


Alongside the main BaselR meet-up, Mango often run a free workshop prior to the evening event. These workshops cover a wide range of R related topics, from creating a shiny application, to building your first R package. As a general rule, workshops are suitable for those with a small amount of R experience, though requirements are communicated via the mailing list and meetup.com group beforehand. If you have any suggestions for workshop topics that you think would have broad appeal, please let us know.

All Presentations

Speaker Title Date
Adrian Waddell
rtables 2017-11-27
Chris Campbell
Mango Solutions
Text Mining: Let the machines do the work 2017-11-27
Nathaniel D. Phillips
University of Basel
FFTrees 2017-03-07
Joris Muller
A pragmatic reproductible data analysis workflow 2017-03-07
Rita Giordano
Structural Biology with R 2017-03-07
Aimee Gott
Mango Solutions
Highlights from the Shiny Developer Conference 2016-04-05
Anne Kuemmel
Calculation of confidence and prediction intervals for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models 2015-06-16
Reinhold Koch
F. Hoffmann La-Roche
Creating a lively R Community 2015-06-16
Aimee Gott
Mango Solutions
Formalising R Development - ValidR Enterprise 2015-06-16
Daniel Sabanes Bove
F. Hoffmann La-Roche
Using R to produce Powerpoint slides and more: Introducing ReporteRs 2015-06-16
Andrea Spano
The rolygon example: a functional programming approach to S4 2013-10-30
Andy Nicholls
Mango Solutions
Graphing in R: Lattice vs ggplot2 2013-10-30
Aaron Hart
R Scripting in a graphical workflow development environment 2013-10-30
Tom Taverner
Building a package for dose-response modelling in R 2013-05-29
Henrik Singmann
afex: An R Package for the Analysis of Factorial Experiments 2013-05-29
Federico Comoglio
wavClusteR: an R package for substitution-based inference problems in genomics 2013-05-29
Dr Johannes Ranke
Kinetic evaluations of environmental metabolism data for the agrochemical industry using R 2013-02-21
Dr Christoph Sax
Estimating Switzerland's quarterly GDP in R 2013-02-21
Andy Nicholls
Converting SPlus Applications into R 2013-02-21
MariaBeth Silkey
R as the weapon of choice for a simulation case study of a step-wedge design,Appendix I Coverage 2012-09-13
Chris Campbell
Calling R from .NET 2012-09-13
Martin Fink
Looking through Lattice 2012-01-25
Jouni Kerman
Making Parallel Programming Easy 2012-01-25
Charles Roosen
Manipulating Office Documents from R 2012-01-25
Andreas Krause
Squaring away Panel Functions in Lattice Graphics 2011-10-26
Juan-Vicente Torres Martin
Efficiency of stroke clinical trials with ordinal outcomes: a simulation study 2011-10-26
Charles Roosen
Tabular Reporting in R 2011-10-26
Hans-Rudolf Hotz
Friedrich Miescher Institute
How to convince Biologists to use R 2011-06-29
Brandon Whitcher
Medical Image Analysis Using S4 Classes and Methods 2011-06-29
Thomas Fabbro
University Hospital, Basel
How Sensitive is your Power? 2011-06-29
Jochen Knaus
Parallel Computing and sfCluster 2011-01-19
MariaBeth Silkey
University of Freiburg
A Tale of Two Gams 2011-01-19
Ian Francis
R Validation in Life Sciences 2010-10-13
Tobias Sing
Visualizing Classifier Performance in R 2010-10-13
Charles Roosen
Mango Solutions
Introduction 2010-07-29
Andrew Ellis
Desktop Publishing with Sweave 2010-07-29
Dominik Locher
Professional Reporting with RExcel 2010-07-29
Sebastian Pérez Saaibi
R Generator Tool for Google Motion Charts 2010-07-29
Yann Abraham
Graphics using ggplot2 2010-04-28
Charles Roosen
Mango Solutions
Web-based R Reporting 2010-04-28
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